Jogging with dog.

If the idea of snuggling with your pet for an entire afternoon sounds charming and restorative, you’re not alone. Most of us really enjoy, and even depend on, close time with our pets. The human-animal bond really shows up when you’re entwined on the couch for a Netflix bender. But the same benefits are equally present when exercising with your pet. When you prioritize pet exercise, you’re doing everyone a favor. And we’re pretty sure that Netflix is even more rewarding after some quality workout time.

Build a Routine

The biggest boon to your efforts is the establishment and maintenance of a daily routine. You’re more likely to commit to pet exercise opportunities when it occurs every day at the same time, and both you and your pet can plan for it. 

The time, whether morning, afternoon, or dusk, is irrelevant. The best time to focus on pet exercise is simply the best time for you, every single day. If you cannot meet this goal, play inside the home or request help from someone else. Rain or shine, work or sickness, the benefits of pet exercise are attainable through careful diligence and planning.


Ideally, your pet should receive a minimum of 20-30 minutes of exercise a day. This goal might increase for young pets, working breeds, and those that just really love to move. Please don’t stop exercising your pet as they age. It’s just as important in the senior years, and may even add to their lifespan. 

Skill Development

Many pets enjoy the same type of exercise every day, but some pets tire of the same ‘ol stuff. Keep boredom at bay by consistently adding to the skill set. Pets love to work their physical body as much as their brain. Provide them with various activities, such as agility training, or intersperse running/walking with training them to do tricks. 

Another good strategy is to alternate days for different activities. You could hike every Tuesday and Thursday, swim on Wednesday, and run every Monday and Friday. The choices are endless, and your pet will thank you for shaking it up for them!

Make It Count

Some pet owners may find that their pet really responds to rewards. This could be healthy treats, special toys, or specific experiences (like the dog park), but it could also be simply arriving home to a tasty meal, a thorough self-grooming, and a long nap. 

Pets that move throughout their entire lives are arguably healthier and happier. What’s more, is that owners of pets with an active routine are equally satisfied with life. 

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