A dog and his human avoid danger noodles.

Sneks, tube dudes, and nope ropes are plentiful in Northern California, but most of them are relatively harmless. Danger noodles and shake sneks, however, have hurt juice at the ready and they’ll use it if you, your doggo, or your kitteh get too close. The best way to stay out of harm’s way is to avoid the danger noodle zone, but sometimes these stealthy sneks sneak up on you and give you a boop full of hurt juice before you can react. These tips from your friends at MarketPlace Veterinary Hospital can help you keep your distance from danger noodles:

Use Your Peepers

Sneks often like to visibly lie out in the sun and work on their tans or get nice and cozy under some rocks or logs. If you are going on a hike or exploring your backyard with your favorite furry friend, look with your peepers before getting close to any spots where a danger noodle might be lounging. Humans don’t really like to be disturbed while we are relaxing either, but we don’t have hurt juice locked and loaded like shake sneks do.

Stay Close 

With so many beautiful places to enjoy nature in El Dorado Hills, it’s tempting to let your doggo run free so he can use his sniffer as much as he wants. This is a recipe for danger noodle disaster, however. Keep your puppers close to you with a leash that extends no farther than six feet so you can make sure he doesn’t go sniffing in a danger noodle zone. 

Make an Unfriendly Danger Noodle Zone at Home

There’s no way to keep your peepers on your pets at all times of day, but you can make your backyard a little less appealing to these shake sneks. If you want to make your yard an unappealing nope zone to a danger noodle, you should:

  • Clean up any areas of heavy brush
  • Make sure there is no room for sneks to slither underneath your fence
  • Keep the grass short
  • Pick up fallen fruit (which can attract critters, who can then attract danger noodles)
  • Do not keep woodpiles in the yard when danger noodles start to party in the spring 

If you still have danger noodles on the brain even with these cautionary steps, make an appointment with us at MarketPlace Veterinary Hospital to get your doggo the danger noodle vaccine.