A Guide to Managing Health Issues in Aging Pets

Happy older dog.

Our golden girls, and boys, deserve compassionate care that addresses their changing needs as they age and Marketplace Veterinary Hospital is here to help. From senior pet wellness exams to adaptations you can make at home, our team has compiled a primer to help pet families provide aging pet support.


Creating a Senior-Friendly Environment: Home Modifications for Enhanced Mobility in Aging Pets

Old Beagle dog sleeping on the bed.

The powerful combination of responsible pet ownership and modern veterinary medicine not only influences day-to-day wellness, but impacts a pet’s longevity as well. Pets are living longer than ever before, and they need a supportive environment that promotes safety, comfort, and engagement as they age. Providing a place for the changing needs of senior pets isn’t just about removing or blocking unsafe items. Certain home modifications can improve mobility and add to a senior pet’s happiness.


Pet Insurance:  Protecting Your Pet and Your Wallet

woman embracing beagle.

Insurance makes a lot of sense for many things in our day to day lives. If a tree fell on your house, your homeowner’s insurance would help. If you ended up in an awful automobile accident, your car insurance would help. If you became seriously ill, your health insurance would kick in. What happens, though, if your pet has an accident or becomes very sick? Veterinary expenses can add up quickly, and pet health insurance can help you to better safeguard one of the most important things in your life.


You and Your Newly Adopted Kitten

Adorable new kittens sleeping.

Congratulations on your decision to bring a new kitten into your life! You’re in for an exciting and rewarding experience, but there are a few things you need to know before you bring your furry friend home—especially if this is your first time owning a kitten. Here are some tips to help you prepare. 


Safe Alternatives to Cat Declawing

Cat clawing at sofa.

Dozens of countries around the world have banned cat declawing, but only the American states of New York and Maryland have legally outlawed this controversial surgical procedure. That doesn’t mean there aren’t numerous national organizations working to raise awareness of the painful effect this practice has on our feline companions. While once widely regarded as a safe and humane procedure, few feline practitioners recommend cat declawing today. 


Start Your Pet’s New Year Off Right

Dog out jogging

Whether you’re a cat or dog owner, there’s no denying that pets are an important part of our families. And just like any family member, they deserve our attention and love.

Here are our tips for pet owners to ensure your furry friends get off to a great start in 2023.


Caring for Your Pet When You Work 9 to 5

Dog in crate.

Are you looking for a new best friend? Dogs offer companionship and can even give your health and happiness a boost.

And if you work 9-5? Dogs are adaptable and resilient, and the right dog can be a perfect pet for single people with busy schedules—even those who work eight hours a day.

Here are some tips on how to keep your dog healthy while juggling work commitments.


Preparing for An Upcoming Pet Wellness Exam

Older dog getting a wellness exam.

As with most important appointments, there’s a lot to cover during a routine pet wellness exam. While we move through the many topics relevant to each individual pet’s health and well-being, it is possible that a couple items get inadvertently overlooked. To ensure that all of your questions and concerns are properly addressed, we recommend jotting down important questions and concerns in a notebook (whether digital or on paper). We strive to exceed expectations, and we hope both you and your pet get the most out of an upcoming pet wellness exam. 


Make Your Own Pill Pockets

Vet trying to give a stubborn dog a pill.

Getting pets to take pills is no picnic—with cats probably outranking canines when it comes to level of difficulty. Pill pockets can help the medicine go down, but eventually, your pet might get wise to what you’re doing, and you’ll have to pivot your strategy. If that happens, try making your own pill pockets! It’s fun; you’ll save money; and you can occasionally switch-up the flavor and texture to keep your pet interested in eating this special “treat.”  

Thanks to Pinterest and other social media sites, there are plenty of recipes for DIY pill pockets to choose from. Most recipes simply call for mixing a moist ingredient (like almond butter) with a thickening agent (like flour), and molding it into tiny morsels, making a cavity with a straw, and chilling (or sometimes baking depending upon the ingredients) until firm. 

Check out the tasty suggestions for DIY pill pockets for cats and pill pockets for dogs from our team at Marketplace Veterinary Hospital. 


Take Your Dog Hiking in the El Dorado Hills

Girl and dog getting ready to hike.

Between rolling foothills in the West and rugged peaks of the High Sierra in the East, there’s no shortage of amazing views in El Dorado County. With the Lake Tahoe Basin right out our backdoors and the desolate beauty of the Eldorado National Forest at our fingertips, most dogs (and their humans) are excited to explore this natural playground. It’s time to take your dog hiking in the El Dorado Hills, and we can help you prepare for a truly memorable day trip.