Pet-Proofing Your Home for Holiday Gatherings: Avoiding Accidents

Cute tabby cat with pumpkin.

If your schedule is jam-packed with events and your credit card is nearly maxed out, it’s probably the holiday season! This time of year is undoubtedly brimming with good times; unfortunately, it is precisely the moment we’re distracted by something else, our pets naturally get into trouble. Even when our attention is trained on a pet’s every movement, accidents happen. This holiday season, we’ve got you covered with our pet-proofing strategies. 


Creating a Senior-Friendly Environment: Home Modifications for Enhanced Mobility in Aging Pets

Old Beagle dog sleeping on the bed.

The powerful combination of responsible pet ownership and modern veterinary medicine not only influences day-to-day wellness, but impacts a pet’s longevity as well. Pets are living longer than ever before, and they need a supportive environment that promotes safety, comfort, and engagement as they age. Providing a place for the changing needs of senior pets isn’t just about removing or blocking unsafe items. Certain home modifications can improve mobility and add to a senior pet’s happiness.


Understanding and Managing Chronic Pet Illnesses Like Diabetes or Arthritis

Dog at vet.

When your pup or kitty struggles with chronic pet illnesses, you probably want to do everything you can to make them feel comfortable. But managing chronic pet illnesses can be tough. Our team at MarketPlace Veterinary Hospital is here to provide veterinary care for chronic diseases like arthritis and diabetes in pets. We’d like to offer some tips to help you understand and manage these conditions. 


How to Handle Pet Anxiety During Firework Season in El Dorado Hills

cute puppy hiding under curtain.

Firework season can be hard for our furry family members. Imagine being a cat or dog and being rudely awakened by a loud bang, pop, and fizz, over and over again, all night long. Your pet can’t make the connection between these scary sounds and the strange colors in the sky. In their eyes, each unfamiliar noise is cause for concern. 

Local firework regulations don’t allow any fireworks in El Dorado County. But some organizations can apply for firework display licenses, which means your pet might still hear noise all night long. The team at MarketPlace Veterinary Hospital would like to share tips to reduce pet anxiety during firework season.


What is Reverse Sneezing?

Dog sneezing.

Reverse sneezing can be downright scary. There’s no darling ah-choo! sound to admire. Instead, your pet will suck air in through the nose over and over, almost as if trying to catch their breath. Your dog or cat may extend their head and neck and stand strangely still. Some pets will snort or gag. 


Don’t Tell Fleas and Ticks, but It’s Time to Focus on Parasite Prevention

Dog and tick.

There’s a lot of ways to ruin a day, and chief among them definitely include a flea infestation or a tick bite. Both have the potential to cause serious problems in pets and people alike. As with most things in life where there is a clear and obvious solution, it is critical to address parasite prevention long before these bugs cause the unfortunate symptoms for which they are notorious.


Rattlesnake Safety Tips That Could Save Your Pet’s Life

El Dorado Hills rattlesnake.

Northern California residents are no strangers to the potential of encountering a rattlesnake on a hike, in a park, or sometimes even hanging out in our own yards. Although we know to stay away when we hear a warning rattle from a nearby snake, we cannot be sure how our pets will react to these creatures until the situation arises. Your friends at MarketPlace Veterinary Hospital want to help you act quickly if you encounter a rattlesnake with your pets nearby:


Safe Alternatives to Cat Declawing

Cat clawing at sofa.

Dozens of countries around the world have banned cat declawing, but only the American states of New York and Maryland have legally outlawed this controversial surgical procedure. That doesn’t mean there aren’t numerous national organizations working to raise awareness of the painful effect this practice has on our feline companions. While once widely regarded as a safe and humane procedure, few feline practitioners recommend cat declawing today. 


Pet Do’s and Don’ts: The Holiday Edition

Dog and cat under Christmas tree.

Between Christmas and the other holidays that fall at the end of the year, you are probably pretty busy. That doesn’t mean that your pet care should fall through the cracks, though. MarketPlace Veterinary Hospital has our list of do’s and don’ts to make sure that your pet safety around the holidays remains top notch, no matter how crazy things get.


Preparing for An Upcoming Pet Wellness Exam

Older dog getting a wellness exam.

As with most important appointments, there’s a lot to cover during a routine pet wellness exam. While we move through the many topics relevant to each individual pet’s health and well-being, it is possible that a couple items get inadvertently overlooked. To ensure that all of your questions and concerns are properly addressed, we recommend jotting down important questions and concerns in a notebook (whether digital or on paper). We strive to exceed expectations, and we hope both you and your pet get the most out of an upcoming pet wellness exam.