Common Cat Illnesses and Treatments

vet checking cat's ears

Cats are naturally quiet pets. With their slinky physicality, retractable claws, and stealth, their location and agenda is not always known. Consequently, when a cat self-isolates because they’re hurt or ill, their symptoms may not be immediately recognizable. Knowing the most common cat illnesses can save a lot of time (and money), and may even impact treatment and prognosis. 


Understanding Common Cat Illnesses and Their Treatments

cat at vet exam.

Cats are not known for being particularly forthcoming when they don’t feel well. They rely on you as their caretakers and us as the pet experts at MarketPlace Veterinary Hospital to pick up on it when something isn’t quite right. Being familiar with common cat health issues and feline diseases can definitely give you a paw up when it comes to noticing a problem early.