Firework Safety 101: How to Ensure Your Pets Stay Secure and Comfortable

dog holding american flag in mouth.

If your holiday plans this year include fireworks, be sure that your July 4th pet safety skills are polished. Not all pets love the big bangs, but MarketPlace Veterinary Hospital can help you comfort your pet during fireworks and other loud noises of the holiday.


Exploring the Impact of Socialization on Pet Happiness

dogs playing with toy.

Pet socialization is an important part of calling a four-legged friend yours. Just as people develop social skills throughout life, social skills are important for pets, too. Especially the canine friends among us. Cats can be surprisingly social creatures, too—in the right circumstances. 

Here at MarketPlace Veterinary Hospital, we want to help you with every aspect of owning a pet. That includes helping your pawsome pal develop pet social skills. 


Stay Calm, Act Fast: Key Strategies for Dealing with Pet Emergencies

dog lying down sick .

Do you think that you have it in you to keep your cool when dealing with pet emergencies? With MarketPlace Veterinary Hospital’s pointers in mind, we think that you can learn to handle the heat when your pet is in need of emergency vet care.


Chip Your Pets Month: Safeguarding Pets in El Dorado Hills

Cute dog with chalk board

At MarketPlace Veterinary Hospital, in the vibrant community of El Dorado Hills, CA, we understand the deep bond between pets and their owners. In honor of Chip Your Pets Month, we’re dedicating our efforts to educate our community about the vital role of pet microchipping. This simple procedure is a crucial step in pet safety and ensuring our furry friends stay connected to us, no matter what unexpected turns life may take.


Be Pet-Prepared in El Dorado Hills: Disaster Readiness Tips from Your Local Vet

Owner with his dog at a shelter

The natural beauty of El Dorado Hills can sometimes make us complacent about the possibility of natural disasters. At Marketplace Veterinary Hospital, we understand that the safety and well-being of your furry family members are among your top priorities during such unpredictable times. 

wildfires, earthquakes, and flooding present real threats to our area, including neighboring Placer County. Being prepared is vital. This blog aims to arm you with essential disaster preparedness tips, ensuring that you and your pets remain safe when nature shows its might.


Common Cat Illnesses and Treatments

vet checking cat's ears

Cats are naturally quiet pets. With their slinky physicality, retractable claws, and stealth, their location and agenda is not always known. Consequently, when a cat self-isolates because they’re hurt or ill, their symptoms may not be immediately recognizable. Knowing the most common cat illnesses can save a lot of time (and money), and may even impact treatment and prognosis. 


Heartworm Disease Awareness: A Deep Dive into Prevention and Treatment

mosquito on dog's head

Heartworm disease is a real and present threat to California pets, but one that is seemingly invisible. That is, until it affects your family.

Understanding what heartworm disease is and how we can help to protect our pets is an important part of good pet wellness care. MarketPlace Veterinary Hospital is honored to help educate our readers on this topic. 


Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

brushing dogs teeth.

Brushing your dog’s teeth might not be the highlight of your daily routine, but at MarketPlace Veterinary Hospital, we know it’s a cornerstone of good pet health. Just as in humans, plaque and tartar can build up on your furry friend’s teeth, leading to gum disease and other health issues. Regular brushing will keep your dog’s smile bright and healthy, and getting started is easier than you might think!


Understanding Common Cat Illnesses and Their Treatments

cat at vet exam.

Cats are not known for being particularly forthcoming when they don’t feel well. They rely on you as their caretakers and us as the pet experts at MarketPlace Veterinary Hospital to pick up on it when something isn’t quite right. Being familiar with common cat health issues and feline diseases can definitely give you a paw up when it comes to noticing a problem early. 


Top Signs Your Dog is Sick and What You Can Do

Girl with beagle puppy.

Body language, communication style, and the absence of certain expressions, clue us into someone’s true thoughts and feelings. The same can be said for the dogs we live with and care for. Since we can’t speak the same language, we rely on their appearance and behavior to fill in any gaps. Some symptoms can be subtle enough to go unnoticed or misunderstood for quite awhile; other warning signs are glaringly obvious. An overview of the top pet emergency warning signs may lead to early intervention and a positive outcome.