Heartworm Disease Awareness: A Deep Dive into Prevention and Treatment

mosquito on dog's head

Heartworm disease is a real and present threat to California pets, but one that is seemingly invisible. That is, until it affects your family.

Understanding what heartworm disease is and how we can help to protect our pets is an important part of good pet wellness care. MarketPlace Veterinary Hospital is honored to help educate our readers on this topic. 


Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

brushing dogs teeth.

Brushing your dog’s teeth might not be the highlight of your daily routine, but at MarketPlace Veterinary Hospital, we know it’s a cornerstone of good pet health. Just as in humans, plaque and tartar can build up on your furry friend’s teeth, leading to gum disease and other health issues. Regular brushing will keep your dog’s smile bright and healthy, and getting started is easier than you might think!


Understanding Common Cat Illnesses and Their Treatments

cat at vet exam.

Cats are not known for being particularly forthcoming when they don’t feel well. They rely on you as their caretakers and us as the pet experts at MarketPlace Veterinary Hospital to pick up on it when something isn’t quite right. Being familiar with common cat health issues and feline diseases can definitely give you a paw up when it comes to noticing a problem early. 


Top Signs Your Dog is Sick and What You Can Do

Girl with beagle puppy.

Body language, communication style, and the absence of certain expressions, clue us into someone’s true thoughts and feelings. The same can be said for the dogs we live with and care for. Since we can’t speak the same language, we rely on their appearance and behavior to fill in any gaps. Some symptoms can be subtle enough to go unnoticed or misunderstood for quite awhile; other warning signs are glaringly obvious. An overview of the top pet emergency warning signs may lead to early intervention and a positive outcome. 


Ensuring Your Pet’s Dental Well-Being: A Guide to Oral Hygiene

Brushing cat's teeth.

Even in this rapidly changing world, the impact of our choices can be measured. Combined, each decision, no matter how small, has the potential to affect every detail of our lives and the lives of others. If you’ve ever wondered why pet dental health is such a big deal, it’s because excellent oral hygiene can influence a pet’s day-to-day well-being, save them a lot of pain, and even add years to their life!


New Year, New Leash on Life: Overcoming Pet Behavioral Challenges

Young woman bonding with her cat.

Ring in the New Year, and suddenly, everyone’s talking about resolutions. Our furry friends shouldn’t be left out—although pet behavioral challenges can be a handful. At MarketPlace Veterinary Hospital, we’re passionate about helping pets and their owners find that perfect harmony. Let’s talk about making this year the best one yet for our four-legged companions.


The ABCs of Pet Dental Care: A Comprehensive Guide

Cute puppy getting teeth brushed.

There’s an often overlooked aspect of our pet’s health that can drastically impact their overall well-being: their dental care. As pet parents, we’re diligent about their diet, exercise, and routine check-ups, but the significance of oral health sometimes slips through the cracks. 

MarketPlace Veterinary Hospital knows the stakes are high when it comes to pet oral hygiene. Let’s take a closer look at pet oral health with this comprehensive pet dental care guide.


Festive & Furry: Making the Holidays Safe

cat in christmas tree.

While some pets prefer a quiet corner far from the lights, camera, and action of the holiday season, the ones we know and love simply can’t get enough of all the splendor. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll get into trouble between Thanksgiving and New Years. But the combination of their curiosity with the influx of dangerous items and events definitely ratchets up the risk. With our tips, your pet can get through the holidays with flying colors. 


The Joy of Adoption: Bringing Happiness into Your Family

Cute puppy for adoption.

Changing the world might seem like a lofty goal, but there are many ways to positively impact our local community. Adopting a shelter pet is just one way to make a big difference. With animal welfare efforts initialized 150 years ago, there are now over 5,000 animal shelters and rescue organizations nationwide. People are increasingly finding that adopting a pet from a shelter or rescue is the best option for them. The simple act of pet adoption sends incredible ripples throughout the world. 


Pet-Proofing Your Home for Holiday Gatherings: Avoiding Accidents

Cute tabby cat with pumpkin.

If your schedule is jam-packed with events and your credit card is nearly maxed out, it’s probably the holiday season! This time of year is undoubtedly brimming with good times; unfortunately, it is precisely the moment we’re distracted by something else, our pets naturally get into trouble. Even when our attention is trained on a pet’s every movement, accidents happen. This holiday season, we’ve got you covered with our pet-proofing strategies.