Caring for Your Pet When You Work 9 to 5

Dog in crate.

Are you looking for a new best friend? Dogs offer companionship and can even give your health and happiness a boost.

And if you work 9-5? Dogs are adaptable and resilient, and the right dog can be a perfect pet for single people with busy schedules—even those who work eight hours a day.

Here are some tips on how to keep your dog healthy while juggling work commitments.


Pet Do’s and Don’ts: The Holiday Edition

Dog and cat under Christmas tree.

Between Christmas and the other holidays that fall at the end of the year, you are probably pretty busy. That doesn’t mean that your pet care should fall through the cracks, though. MarketPlace Veterinary Hospital has our list of do’s and don’ts to make sure that your pet safety around the holidays remains top notch, no matter how crazy things get.


How to Make Your Own Pet First-Aid Kit

Dalmatian puppy with first aid kit.

Your pet is a member of your family. You love your pets, care for them, and want to keep them safe. But what happens if they get injured or sick? In some cases, you may not be able to get your dog or cat to the vet right away, so it’s essential to have a basic pet first-aid kit on hand.

For your pet’s safety in the event of an emergency, the American Red Cross recommends keeping a pet first-aid kit stocked and ready, but that doesn’t mean you need to buy one from an expensive store or specialist retailer. Here’s how you can make your own:


Preparing for An Upcoming Pet Wellness Exam

Older dog getting a wellness exam.

As with most important appointments, there’s a lot to cover during a routine pet wellness exam. While we move through the many topics relevant to each individual pet’s health and well-being, it is possible that a couple items get inadvertently overlooked. To ensure that all of your questions and concerns are properly addressed, we recommend jotting down important questions and concerns in a notebook (whether digital or on paper). We strive to exceed expectations, and we hope both you and your pet get the most out of an upcoming pet wellness exam. 


Cat Wellness Exams for the Win!

Cat at veterinarian.

We get it. Cats typically detest their travel crate and show white-hot rage/abject fear when placed in a car for travel. This means it’s pretty darn difficult to bring them into the vet. To complicate things, they’re famous for concealing any signs of illness or injury. So hidden are their potential symptoms, that long periods of time can go by without medical diagnosis or treatment. 


Scale Shock: How to Manage Pet Obesity

Cute pug on scale.

Weight gain in pets can happen so slowly, it’s almost unnoticeable. For owners that see their pets every single day, it may not even register that their pet’s shape and size is expanding. A few extra pounds on a human may be negligible, but the equivalent of 5 extra pounds is 79 pounds on a cat, or 25-100 extra pounds on a dog (depending on their breed). This has a profound effect on their overall health, and may even decrease lifespan. We can help you prevent pet obesity, and/or safely manage a pet’s weight gain. 


Should Dogs Have Dental Care?

Dog needing dental care with toothbrush.

Keeping your playful pooch healthy and happy throughout his life means making sure he gets exercise, proper nutrition, plenty of belly scritches, routine checkups—and dog dental care

Did that last one surprise you? Plenty of pet parents don’t realize how critical oral hygiene is to a pet’s overall health, but the truth is, by the time your dog is 3 years old, he will likely have some form of dental disease. This condition is painful, and the bacteria that builds up in his mouth can travel to vital organs, like his kidneys, liver, and heart.  

At MarketPlace Veterinary Hospital, we want all of our doggie parents to understand the importance of pet dental care—both professional cleanings and at-home dental hygiene.


Make Your Own Pill Pockets

Vet trying to give a stubborn dog a pill.

Getting pets to take pills is no picnic—with cats probably outranking canines when it comes to level of difficulty. Pill pockets can help the medicine go down, but eventually, your pet might get wise to what you’re doing, and you’ll have to pivot your strategy. If that happens, try making your own pill pockets! It’s fun; you’ll save money; and you can occasionally switch-up the flavor and texture to keep your pet interested in eating this special “treat.”  

Thanks to Pinterest and other social media sites, there are plenty of recipes for DIY pill pockets to choose from. Most recipes simply call for mixing a moist ingredient (like almond butter) with a thickening agent (like flour), and molding it into tiny morsels, making a cavity with a straw, and chilling (or sometimes baking depending upon the ingredients) until firm. 

Check out the tasty suggestions for DIY pill pockets for cats and pill pockets for dogs from our team at Marketplace Veterinary Hospital. 


Repetition, Consistency, and Puppy Potty Training

Girl potty training puppy.

Meeting the needs of a growing puppy can be a full-time job. While their needs are so great and abundant, the rewards are immensely satisfying and far-reaching and you will not regret the effort you put in.

When it comes to puppy potty training, mistakes, missteps, accidents, and exasperation are par for the course. The keys to your success? Love, patience, and respect will get you started, but effective methods hinge on consistency and repetition. 


Take Your Dog Hiking in the El Dorado Hills

Girl and dog getting ready to hike.

Between rolling foothills in the West and rugged peaks of the High Sierra in the East, there’s no shortage of amazing views in El Dorado County. With the Lake Tahoe Basin right out our backdoors and the desolate beauty of the Eldorado National Forest at our fingertips, most dogs (and their humans) are excited to explore this natural playground. It’s time to take your dog hiking in the El Dorado Hills, and we can help you prepare for a truly memorable day trip.