A father and son snuggle with their grey cat.

Your cuddly calico certainly seems to have her act together; after all, she bathes herself, takes care of her own bathroom habits, and sleeps for 16 hours a day. She looks happy and healthy and gets plenty of TLC. What more could she need? The truth is, even the most self-sufficient and well-cared-for cats need regular vet visits to ensure a lifetime of optimal health. 

At MarketPlace Veterinary Hospital, we tailor our wellness and preventive care to meet the changing needs of cats as they age, plus, we offer wellness plans with discounts on certain services to make appropriate pet care even more within reach. Your veterinarian will recommend the frequency of your cat’s checkups based on age, lifestyle, medical conditions, and risk factors. 

Early Detection is Key

Because cats are masters of masking their symptoms, our goal throughout your cat’s life stages is to prevent common health concerns when we can, and provide appropriate treatment options when we detect early signs of a disease process. When we catch problems like obesity, arthritis, diabetes, and tooth decay early on, we have a better chance of mitigating the symptoms faster and more effectively. 

Your Kitten Deserves a Healthy Start

Young kittens need more frequent veterinary visits than adult cats to lay the foundation for a lifetime of good health. In addition to an initial physical examination, your kitten will need a series of visits for the following services:

Going Strong Throughout the Adult and Senior Years

Your cat is considered an adult after she turns 1 year old. We encourage annual checkups for all cats (even if she seems perfectly healthy) and twice yearly visits for senior cats (age 7 and older) and those being monitored for specific health conditions. As part of your adult cat’s annual or biannual examination, we will incorporate or make recommendations on the following: 

  • Core vaccine boosters
  • Bloodwork profiles and other diagnostics 
  • Parasite screening and control
  • Routine dental cleanings
  • Blood pressure screening (for senior cats)

Comprehensive Care That Lasts a Lifetime

Lifelong pet care involves so much more than getting your cat spayed or neutered and getting vaccines. Regular vet visits give us a chance to get to know you and your cat, and they provide you with a valuable opportunity to discuss concerns about your cat’s behavior, get nutritional guidance, and gain other insights into ways you can support your cat’s overall health at home. 

Prevention is always the best medicine, and with routine pet care, we can help your cat live a long, healthy life. Please contact us at (916) 939-1705 to schedule your cat’s visit. We look forward to seeing you and your cat soon!