Dog and cat under Christmas tree.

Between Christmas and the other holidays that fall at the end of the year, you are probably pretty busy. That doesn’t mean that your pet care should fall through the cracks, though. MarketPlace Veterinary Hospital has our list of do’s and don’ts to make sure that your pet safety around the holidays remains top notch, no matter how crazy things get.

Considerations for Pet Safety Around the Holidays

There are plenty of holiday specific dangers that can make things less-than-safe for dogs and cats. When getting yourself into a festive state of mind, take the time to think about what things might pose a danger to your pet. 

When it comes to holiday pet don’ts, these top our list:

  • Don’t feed your pet potentially toxic foods, no matter how much you want to share
  • Don’t forget to secure electrical cords from curious animals
  • Don’t decorate with holiday plants that could be harmful
  • Don’t leave animals unattended around candles, wax warmers, liquid potpourr,i or other sources of burns and fire
  • Don’t force your pet to be a party animal; all pets need a safe, quiet place to relax during gatherings
  • Don’t forget that holiday decorations like tinsel and ribbon can be potential problems if ingested
  • Don’t overfeed your pet! Obesity and pancreatitis don’t make great gifts. 
  • Don’t give your pet a holiday haircut that will remove insulating fur that can provide protection from chilly temperatures
  • Don’t leave snowglobes in areas where pets may break them as some have been to have very toxic antifreeze inside
  • Don’t forget to keep the trash and items like coats and purses that may contain harmful things secured from your animals
  • Don’t bypass securing the Christmas tree from toppling
  • Don’t give pets as gifts without an in-depth discussion with the recipient

Including Your Pet in the Christmas Season

There sure are a lot of holiday pet don’ts, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the season while minding your pet safety. Some of our staff’s favorite ways to have a pet safe holiday include:

  • Make pet friendly treats to celebrate with your furry friend
  • If your pet is comfortable being social, take them to visit a friend or relative or go caroling to spread the holiday cheer
  • Take a cute pet-inclusive family picture for your Christmas card
  • Go for a stroll or nighttime drive to see the lights
  • Snuggle up and catch your favorite holiday movie together
  • Make a stocking for your cat or dog
  • Indulge in a special gift for your pet
  • Help a local shelter or charity that supports pets in need

Pet safety around the holidays may involve a little extra effort, but it is well worth it to include those you love in your plans. MarketPlace Veterinary Hospital wishes you and yours a happy and healthy holiday!