Dog in crate.

Are you looking for a new best friend? Dogs offer companionship and can even give your health and happiness a boost.

And if you work 9-5? Dogs are adaptable and resilient, and the right dog can be a perfect pet for single people with busy schedules—even those who work eight hours a day.

Here are some tips on how to keep your dog healthy while juggling work commitments.

Choose The Right Dog for Your Lifestyle

When choosing a pet, be honest with yourself about your lifestyle and schedule to find the right match.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a dog but aren’t sure where to start, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What do I want from my pet?
  • How much time can I spend with my dog every day or week?
  • How much space and activity will they need to be comfortable and healthy?

Create a Routine and Be Consistent

When you work 9 to 5, your dog’s schedule will be affected as much as yours. Ensure your pet has everything they need daily to keep them healthy and happy while you’re away from home.

To create a workable routine, consider your pet’s needs, such as food, water, potty breaks, and exercise. Determine how often your dog needs these things each day and create a schedule to meet these needs.

Have a Backup Plan

Even with a well-developed routine in place, there will be times when you’ll need a backup plan.

For instance, have a plan if you can’t get home at the usual time. Recruit a friend or neighbor to take your dog out for a quick walk or even watch them if you’re stuck at work for an extended time.

Hire Help During the Day

If you work long hours, your pet may need some company while you’re gone. Depending on your dog’s personality and how much time you spend at home, options include:

  • Dog sitter/dog walker. Dog sitters and walkers typically visit your home once or twice daily to feed, walk, or play with your dog.
  • Dog Daycare. Dog daycare is an excellent option for pet owners who work 9 to 5. It allows your dog to socialize with other dogs, get exercise, and play while you’re at work.

Ask friends, family members, and neighbors to see if anyone has experience with a dog sitter, dog walker, or daycare service they trust. If not, search online for local businesses that offer these services. And if your dog has specific medical needs, be sure the care provider you choose can accommodate them.

Yes, you can get a dog if you’re single and work 9 to 5. You just need to ensure that you’re ready for the responsibility and that you can find the time required to train and care for your canine buddy.

If you choose a dog that fits your lifestyle, develop a routine, and have contingency plans in place for when plans change, there’s no reason why owning a dog shouldn’t be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made!

If you have questions about bringing a new dog into your life, please call us at (916) 939‑1705. Our veterinarians and staff members are always here for you at MarketPlace Veterinary Hospital.