Dog out jogging

Whether you’re a cat or dog owner, there’s no denying that pets are an important part of our families. And just like any family member, they deserve our attention and love.

Here are our tips for pet owners to ensure your furry friends get off to a great start in 2023.

Improve Your Pet’s Diet

Make sure your pet is eating healthy food, especially as they age. If you need more clarification about what food to feed them, consult your veterinarian for advice.

If your pet eats too fast, try feeding in smaller portions throughout the day to aid digestion. And good hydration is essential, so freshen your pet’s water bowl frequently.

Increase Your Pet’s Activity Level

You may have noticed that your pet has become a couch potato lately. It’s normal for animals to slow down when they age, but it’s not good for them to be completely sedentary.

Exercise is important for all pets, especially older ones. It helps with weight control and can even prevent joint problems and arthritis later in life.

It’s easy to get your pooch up and moving again. Take them on walks around the block or play fetch in your yard. And if you have a cat, get them moving with a laser pointer or another favorite toy. 

Reward Good Behavior

To teach a dog to sit, you need to reward them when they do it correctly. Reward your pet for good behavior by giving a small treat or praise. You can also use negative reinforcement to discourage unwanted behaviors. For example, if your dog jumps up on people, push him down gently and say “no” firmly in an authoritative tone.

Bond With Your Pet

Your pet will certainly benefit from extra attention and care during the new year. But did you know that you’ll reap the rewards too? Spending time with your pet will help build trust and affection. You’ll also learn how to anticipate each other’s needs, which means better communication between you and your furry companion.

Promote Good Dental Health

The health of your pet’s mouth is an important part of overall health. There are many ways to encourage dental health, including brushing their teeth at home and having them cleaned at your vet’s office:

Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

Dental care for dogs can be as simple as brushing their teeth regularly. For most dogs, the best time to brush their teeth is after eating or drinking, so you can remove food particles between the teeth. You can use a finger brush or a pet toothbrush designed for dogs.

Brush your dog’s teeth gently, working from the back teeth toward the front teeth, then using soft strokes on the gum line of each tooth. If you see plaque or tartar build-up on your dog’s teeth, it’s time to take them to the veterinarian for professional cleaning.

Dental Cleanings

While brushing helps keep plaque and tartar at bay, it won’t remove these deposits completely. Regular dental cleanings are essential. At your pet’s annual exam, your vet can tell you when their pearly whites need some extra attention. 

Keep Resolutions Realistic

While setting goals for yourself and your pet is great, it’s also important to be realistic about what you can accomplish. Whether you’re a new pet owner or have had your dog for years and want to make some changes, working on one thing at a time is usually best.

Make 2023 Your Pet’s Best Year Ever

With some planning and a commitment to providing the healthiest home possible for your pet, you can make this the best year ever for both of you.If you have questions or concerns, please call (916) 939‑1705 to contact us. Our veterinarians are here to help keep your beloved pet vibrantly healthy all year.