Dog licking owner's face.

Generally speaking, people love perks. Who doesn’t love a little kick-back for participation or a monthly bonus? Adopting a dog is a perfect example of this. We think we’re doing a good thing for others, but the real reward comes back to us tenfold. The tremendous, long-lasting, and far-reaching benefits of dog ownership simply cannot be overstated.

Love at First Bite

Without a doubt, people love dogs because they make perfect companions. They are there for us from the moment we wake up to the second we fall asleep at night. They sense our needs and offer unconditional love when we need it the most. 

While it can take some time to bond with a new dog, some connections are instantaneous. Just as our dogs rely on their owners for their basic needs, we eventually come to depend on them to relieve our stress and anxiety.

Let’s Go!

One of the most important benefits of dog ownership is the fact that they motivate us to move and groove. Because we know that walks, runs, hikes, and swims are good for our dogs, we provide daily opportunities for them to use their athletic abilities. What’s more, these activities are good for us as well. 

The movement, paired with the excellent company, helps to lower blood pressure and protect against cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, dogs facilitate socializing with other dog owners, solidifying the meaningful benefits of dog ownership.

No Sneezes Here

Another great aspect of living with and caring for a dog is that early exposure to their fur and dander can prevent allergies from developing later in life (that means less sick time). So, if you have kids and a dog, you’re doing everybody a great service! 

Speaking of having a full house, doesn’t it make your heart happy to consider all the love and empathy that kids develop through caring for the family dog? Teaching kids to take part in dog ownership helps ensure there are future generations of dog lovers.

Benefits of Dog Ownership

Your dog also serves as a guardian of your health and safety. Not only famous as watchdogs, but our canine friends can even sniff out illness. They can detect all sorts of risks to our health  and can even alert others in the case of an emergency.

Dogs are also entertainers. They make us smile simply by being themselves, but bring laughter to our daily grind with some of their funny antics. Perhaps it is the joy they bring that highest out of all the many benefits of dog ownership.
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