Dog getting ready for vacation.

Traveling is just one of many things people have missed out on during the pandemic. Fortunately, things are improving and travel itineraries are picking up. If you’ve been considering the possibility of taking a vacation with your pet, you’re in luck. Not only is it easier than ever before to reserve pet-friendly accommodations, but the general response to globe-trotting animals is overwhelmingly positive. 

Best or Worst Behavior?

Before you put all your eggs in the vacation basket, we recommend taking a very hard look at your pet’s current behavior. Based on your assessment, do you have confidence that being away from home and surrounded by strangers is the best thing for your four-legged buddy? If you know that your pet will react calmly to unpredictable/unfamiliar stimuli, then by all means, start planning!

What’s What?

Taking a vacation with your pet is supposed to be fun, meaningful, and uber-rewarding. But before you climb that summit or bask in the sun, it’s critical that your pet receives a clean bill of health from their veterinarian. If flying, you will be tasked with providing your pet’s health certificate that shows current proof of vaccinations and parasite prevention. 

Additionally, we recommend compiling their health history that lists any health conditions and necessary prescriptions. Be sure to pack extra medicine just in case. Also, any information about their microchip could come in handy while away from home. 

All the Right Gear

You’ll need a vacation with your pet after you spend time packing for them. Without a doubt, they need to have a lot of extra stuff while they’re away from home. In addition to a comfortable travel crate or kennel, they’ll need extra food and water in collapsible bowls. Puppy pads, waste bags, a back-up leash and collar, toys, and treats round out the list. 

Choosing a Vacation With Your Pet

Skip the places that you know or suspect aren’t pet-friendly. There are countless destinations within driving and flying distance that intend to help you and your pet make lasting memories together. Be sure that your vacation rental knows you’re bringing a pet and be prepared to pay for extra incidentals related to their furry company. 

Safety First (Second and Last)

Properly restraining your pet is critical when travelling. Inside a vehicle, they need to be secured with a harness/seat belt or travel crate. Also:

  • Keep pit stops coming at regular intervals. 
  • Exercise them thoroughly before hitting the road.
  • Try to uphold their routine as much as possible.
  • Provide smaller meals throughout the day. Larger meals can cause stomach upset. 

Airline travel can be much trickier, especially if your pet must ride in the cargo hold. Always check with the airline prior to booking, and be sure to follow all regulations for kennel size, and more.

Take Lots of Pictures

Going on vacation with your pet is one of the best things you can do together, but it’s essential they can handle the trip. If you have any questions or concerns about their health, behavior, and possible issues related to traveling, please give us a call at (916) 939‑1705. We’re always here for you at MarketPlace Veterinary Hospital.