cute puppy hiding under curtain.

Firework season can be hard for our furry family members. Imagine being a cat or dog and being rudely awakened by a loud bang, pop, and fizz, over and over again, all night long. Your pet can’t make the connection between these scary sounds and the strange colors in the sky. In their eyes, each unfamiliar noise is cause for concern. 

Local firework regulations don’t allow any fireworks in El Dorado County. But some organizations can apply for firework display licenses, which means your pet might still hear noise all night long. The team at MarketPlace Veterinary Hospital would like to share tips to reduce pet anxiety during firework season.

Reducing Pet Anxiety During Firework Season: 7 Tips

1. Make Sure ID Tags and Microchips Are Up-To-Date

Our pets can sense when their parents are anxious. Making sure your pet’s ID tag and microchip information is current make sure you feel less anxious about your pet potentially running away in fright. 

2. Plan to Keep Your Pet Indoors

Make a plan to keep your cat or dog inside with you if you’re staying in on the 4th of July or another fireworks-heavy night. If you decide to go out, crate your pet before you go. Dogs and cats run away during the 4th of July every year. Keeping your pet inside is paramount to pet safety during fireworks.

Fill the crate with a soft bed, a cozy toy, and a special treat. The more comfort items for pets you can put in the crate, the better. Try to create a snug little cave they can retreat to.

3. Play Calming Sounds 

If you have a white noise machine lying around or a spare phone or tablet with a white noise app, now’s the time to use it. Keeping a white noise machine on all night can help block out the sounds of fireworks. You could also leave the TV on or play classical music. 

4. Close the Curtains

Fireworks make loud sounds, but they also create strange flashes in the sky. These can freak your pet out, too! Close the curtains or blinds to help make a dark, soothing environment for Kitty or Fido. 

5. Tire Them Out Beforehand

If your pet is tired enough, the sound of fireworks may not even be enough to wake them. Especially if you’ve taken measures to make your pet feel safe and calm, like turning on white noise and creating a cozy crate cave. 

So take your dog for a long walk before night time comes. Encourage your cat to chase a feather on a string or climb different surfaces to discover new treats. With lots of activity and attention, your pet might feel satisfied enough to slumber all through the night. 

6. Ask Your Vet About Pet Sedatives

Some pets cannot cope with fireworks no matter how many calming techniques for pets we try. If your furry family members fall into this category, talk to your veterinarian about anti-anxiety medication or sedatives. Anxiety symptoms in pets can persist throughout firework season, and without treatment, they may get worse as time goes on. 

7. Celebrate in Pet-Friendly Spaces

If your pet is terrified of fireworks but you want to celebrate the firework-worthy holidays, create a pet-friendly celebration in your home. Invite friends over for a barbecue before the fireworks begin in your neighborhood. Let Fido or Kitty greet your friends and enjoy the party until the sky grows dark. 

Then, keep it quiet, calm, and relaxing inside. Crate your pup or kitty. Check on him frequently throughout the night. 

If firework season drives your pet up the wall, the team at MarketPlace Veterinary Hospital can help. You can request an appointment online. We’ll work together to make firework season manageable for you and your pet.